Who WE Are

In 2017, an architect, a business strategist and an entrepreneur sat down to discuss the potential of building a forward-thinking building solutions firm. An organisation that delivers solutions that embrace the environment, push limits, and takes architecture to the next level.

They had a vision to create a firm centred around collaboration, working with other creatives to go further and beyond when it came to delivering the most viable and sustainable building solve. Collaborators would include creative designers, various technical specialists, and planners of experiences and environments.

Working collaboratively would enable the organisation to deliver superior solutions that always exceeded expectations.

This is the ethos that drives BAKO.

How We work

Our delivery process follows the 6 work stages that are standard in the built environment. 






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BAKO Architect Busy Drawing

Our delivery process follows six standard work stages. We protect the intellectual property exchanged between the client and ourselves by first signing a non-disclosure agreement.

After that we receive a non-refundable deposit and begin to work on the first Stage deliverable.

This is presented to our partners, and the options to be explored are explained.

Once our partners demonstrate faith towards our design ideas and prove their own eagerness to proceed and realize and build their dream project, then our office presents a contract for Full Engagement of services.

Thereafter, our team does not stop until we finally hand over the keys to their investment…


In managing our partners’ infrastructural investments, our primary objective is to bring the best value out of their projects. We listen to their needs and look at the short-, medium- and long-term opportunities that present themselves, and then we generate solutions that will address these factors holistically.  

Our open-minded design approach creates interesting, bespoke spatial solutions that allow for and result in various enhanced user experiences.

Our priority throughout the Design + Construction processes is to develop and produce landmark buildings and spatial environments that not only look good, and work well, but also stand the test of time.

We bring what our partners are thinking to life, blending it with the environment for the most exquisite outcome. Our designs are centred on economic as well as environmental sustainability, and all our proposed solutions are delivered with an aim of reducing carbon impact.