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BAKO is a collective of architects, designers, engineers, and planners that applies out-of-the-box thinking, to deliver unique, cost-effective environmentally sustainable exterior and interior building solutions.

Our work is guided by the D.E.S.I.G.N. principle, that is =
Draughting. Engineering. Science. Innovation. Genius. Nature.

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Limitless Creativity is how we approach our work. We’re committed to uncovering the best solve and solutions for your building needs, in a way that enhances our partners’ living and user experiences.

Cutting Edge Design Approach

We are determined to exclusively set our work apart from all others through unique and creative design.

Signature Prototypes

We offer time-enduring custom, bespoke work of premium quality. We offer a site-specific response to each building site, climate and conditions.

Dynamic Multiplicity

Our design resolutions offer optimal use, and allows for optional evolution and future adaptability.

Practical, Ingenious Simplicity

Practical, symbiotic synergies that are able to scale upwards or downwards.

Environmental Sustainability

Daily operation and long-term financial sustainability is always considered.

Multiplied Factor of Investment Value

Managing our partners' investment and budget appropriately.

Modest Resourcefulness and Overall Enrichment

New-age creature-comforts meets good old-fashioned luxury.

Enhanced User and Visitor Experience

The eventual design outcomes yield more than the initial inputs.

Universal Access Home

Project Description

The proposed Universal Access Home is a north-facing family residence accessed from the west. It’s designed to provide easy maneuverability for everyone in the family, from the new baby in a pram, the domestic pets, and all the occupants including the infirm who may use a wheelchair.
Visitors can navigate between the three floors by using the 1:12 ramps in the south, or the flights of stairs in the north.
The three-bedroom suites are located on the first floor, and upstairs on the second floor is the open-plan entertainment and dining suite.
The flat roof accommodates photovoltaic panels, enabling the home to harvest solar energy.  Further features that enhance the environmental sustainability include the use of local stone on the cavity walls for naturalistic thermal regulation.

In a few weeks we’re finalizing the finishes and will update you on the ultimate proposal.